Risk That Comes With Salt Water Pools That Every Pool Owner Needs To Know

Salt Water Pools Come With Risk

It can be easy to miss some of the negative aspects of chlorination. Before deciding to move forward with changing your pool to salt water, you need to consider the risk associated with this alternative form of sanitizer delivery.

Here are top 3 things that you should know about a salt water systems:

1. Chemical balancing – Salt water is NOT maintenance free. The first thing that you will notice is that the chemical balance process that you use for your pool or spa will change when you add a salt water system to the pool.

2. Draining requirements- Bylaws relating to discharging of salt water pools. The next item to consider is how you will drain your pool when the time comes. Usually a swimming pool is pumped out to the curb in front of your house and then the water runs into the nearest sewer grate. Some larger urban centers are now beginning to ban salt water swimming pool draining into the street.

3. Galvanic corrosion- A complicated electrical process that can ruin your pool. This is the process where dissimilar metals are submerged in an electrolyte solution developing a current that travels in between metal components in the water. When submerged, these differing metals will develop a tiny potential electrical difference between them which is called “voltage”. Be sure to understand the process of galvanic corrosion before you install a saltwater system to prevent damage to your backyard investment.

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