Check Out Our Dog Days Pools Client Testimonials!

Our purpose is to help our customers maintain and clean their pools; as well as prepare and teach them on what to do during the summer and winter months. Dog Days Pool service has been serving residents in Clearwater, Safety Harbor and surrounding areas for over 20 years and has seen every issue and problem dealing with swimming pools in either Community and Residential swimming pools. Dog Days Pool Service values customer testimonials, as it is a reflection of the services in providing proper swimming pool maintenance and swimming pool etiquette.

Dog days pools service has our pool cleaner than it ever has been. One more thing off my to-do list.... I’m heading to go golfing instead of the pool store again!
— Michael Sharp, Clearwater FL.
Larry has been cleaning and servicing my pool in Clearwater for years and has always done a great job for a very fair price.
— Michelle Adams, Clearwater FL.
It’s that time of year when it’s raining every day and I could not keep my pool from turning green. The guys at Dog Days Pools got my pool cleaner than it ever I have ever seen it. I’m a customer for life!
— Emily Jones, Clearwater FL.
Larry is absolutely the BEST pool cleaner around. We’ve had him for several years now - personable, knowledgeable, trustworthy, dependable....just about every other positive adjective you can use about him....sure hope he’s not planning on retiring soon!
— Ryan Smith, Clearwater FL.
I have used Dog Days Pool Service multiple times and have always had exceptional service. The first time I had an issue with my skimmer line being clogged. Larry came out and took care of the issue while I was away.
— Howard T, Clearwater FL
I am a big fan of Dog Days Pools. As a realtor, I work with many service providers and Larry and his staff are top notch.
— Angie S. Tampa, FL
Larry is a pool expert. He discovered my hidden pool filter and took it out. This has helped my new filter work more efficiently.
— Ryan T. Clearwater, FL