Why choose Dog Days Pool Services in Clearwater, Safety Harbor and surrounding areas?


What We Always Tell Our Customers:

Let Us Clean, While You Play!


Dog Days Pool Service specializes in pool cleaning and pool services in Clearwater and Safety Harbor and surrounding areas. We come to you any day of the week, any time, and if you are going on vacation we can set your timers and automate chemicals so no one needs to enter your home.

We serve the entire Safety Harbor and Clearwater vicinity, and have worked on the most elite pools in the area. We don’t take our pool cleaning and maintenance responsibilities lightly - we know how important it is for you, your loved ones, and guests to swim in a safe and healthy pool.

We proudly offer a full range of services for our customers, ranging from one-time cleanings to weekly maintenance appointments, chemical maintenance, and algae treatments. See below for a complete list of our services. Give us a call at 727-791-6012 with any questions you might have about how we work, to schedule a primary cleaning, or for a free estimate!


No Contracts Necessary!

Don’t worry about a lengthy contract, with month-to-month services, we offer you the flexibility you need.

All Chemicals Included!

Unlike other pool cleaning companies, we include all chemicals in our prices.


Our Pool Services


Pool Cleaning.

Worried about a dirty pool? With our state-of-the-art cleaning techniques, we will ensure that your pool is squeaky clean.


Pool Maintenance.

Whether you need yearly maintenance or help with a brand new pool, we can help!


Pool Troubleshooting.

Can’t figure out why your pool temperature won’t go above 70 degrees? Call us. We can help!


Other Pool Services.

We offer many type of services and options, including Green Pool Clean-Ups and New Pool Start-Ups. Give us a call to learn more!



Pool Service FAQs

Dog Days Pool Service customers always have lots of swimming pool questions on the How-To’s and What-Not-To’s in keeping their pools clean. Pool cleaning and pool maintenance in Clearwater, Safety Harbor, and surrounding areas is by no means an easy task.

Here are some of the frequently asked swimming pool questions from our customers! 


How do I know what size of filter my pool needs?


We do not build, manufacture or handle filters, but we can advise on size. There are many factors which go into figuring out the correct size of the filter for your swimming pool, spa, or water feature. You must first determine the required turnover rate and pool volume in gallons. Using this information, we can determine the ‘flow rate’ using the following formula: Flow Rate = Pool Volume / Turnover Rate / 60min / hour

Once we determine your Flow Rate, we can use the following equation to determine the Filter Area: (Filter Size) Filter Area = Flow Rate / Filter Media Rate.

When in doubt, it’s always better to oversize rather than undersize the pool filter.


Why does my pool/spa need to be chlorinated? 


All pools should be disinfected continuously by a chemical which imparts a residual effect, if this isn’t done, it can cause harm for people using the pool. Chlorine is a type of “disinfectant”, also called a “sanitizer”. Disinfectants or sanitizers destroy living microorganisms and bacteria, preventing the transmission of disease.

We provide all the chemicals needed for this process. Unlike other pool cleaning companies, we include all chemicals in our prices.


How do I add water to my spa/pool?


Most new pools have an auto-fill float valve. For everyone else, you should have a manual fill valve, or you can use a garden hose.


I am at work all day, how do I get an estimate for pool service?


We are open 7 Days a Week, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. Call us for free estimate at 727-791-6012, or send us an email at dogdayspools@yahoo.com. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and feel free to contact us in regards to any other questions; we would love to hear from you!