Why Isn’t My Swimming Pool The Right Color?

Swimming Pool Colors And The Questions That Need To Be Answered.


Swimming pools are all different, which is the reason why swimming pool colors can be different from others. It can also be due to the finish or the lighting (daytime and nighttime).

Here are the main reasons why your pool is the not the same color from either a magazine or a website:

Water depth and Color: The water in “Play Pools” of 3 ½ to 6 feet deep will not have much saturation either. But when you look at shallow water as on top steps, swim outs, and spa benches, you’re really look at the pool finish itself. Even a black pool finish can create a gold-tone water color in very shallow water, but it will change to emerald green in the deep end of the pool. The deeper the water, the more dramatic the water color will be.

Pool Reflections: The area surrounding a pool can have a big impact. As I mentioned earlier, swimming pools are all different. Depending on the location they were built, or how it’s shaded. The area surrounding a pool can have a big impact on the color of the water.

Time, Space & Weather: If not your pool is not well maintained. We all live in different time zones and the weather varies on a daily basis. Other than that, the only other possibility is that your pool is not being maintained properly.

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