Swimming Pool Lighting Is A Must Have!

Lighting Things Up In Your Swimming Pool!


Ever Think About Picking The Right Swimming Pool Lighting For Your New Pool Or Old Pool In Clearwater, Florida? Well, Here Are A Couple Things To Keep In Mind…

Halogen lights. Found in older pools, a cost-effective choice of lighting that can be installed in any type of pool. However, they are not available in as many colors as LED and fiber optic lights, and they are not as energy-efficient.

Fiber optic lights. These lights use optical fibers for highly precise lighting. Since they are available in a number of different colors and can be placed virtually anywhere, fiber optic lights are one of the most diverse and popular choices for pool lighting. They are also very easy to replace. However, fiber optic pool lighting does tend to be more expensive to install than LED pool lighting, and the lights do not last as long.

LED lights. One of the most energy-efficient choices available today and have become the most popular choice of lighting for 21st century homeowners. They are available in a diverse range of colors, are cost-effective, and are good for the environment. In addition, LED lights have a lifespan of about 15 years, so you should not need to replace them for a long time.

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