Investing In Swimming Pool Covers - Is It Worth It?

Dog Days Pool Service has been in the business since 1995, and we have seen and experienced everything. Do it yourself projects that have gone wrong, following tutorials on how to clean your pool but failed to follow the directions (or followed the wrong person on YouTube or Google).

The purpose of our blog is to inform and spread news worthy/trendy content for people who need Dog Days Pool Service, but also to provide information to those who own swimming pools, who are thinking of buying a home with a swimming pool, and/or are thinking of building a pool in their backyard.

The topic for today is whether or not to invest in pool covers. Investing in a pool service like Dog Days Pool Service is surely worth it, keep that in mind. Investing in pool covers go both ways, with the positives and the negatives of owning one can break or make your pocket that you were saving for a raining day. As with anything, cost will vary on the type of the Automatic Pool Cover or manual pool covers and the Manufacturer that makes them. You get what you pay for and sometimes you don’t even get that.

The cost of these covers ranges from 2,000 to 15,000 (manual or automatic) and depending on your pool, if it not a true rectangle then you will have tracks that mount on top of the decking of your pool. These tracks can be toe-stubbers, and are somewhat unsightly.

The benefits of having pool covers gives you the ability to save money in having to clean your pool by keeping the dirt out, pool covers keep your pools heated, and pools covers keep people out. These beneficial and cost efficient methods have its negative actions as well. The negatives in having your pool cover keeping your pool warm and cozy; it keeps it heated too much! Having your pool covered (manually or automatically), causes you to waste energy and time if you manually have to roll your own pool cover and if it is automatically operated, the chances of the mechanism failing is always a possibility. Dog Days Pool Service suggests do some researching, ask around, and most definitely consult with experts that are professionals in pool covers.

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