Home Buyer 101: Can A Pool Drown You Financially?

Can Purchasing A Home With A Pool Drown You Financially?


These Are The Questions That  Homeowners Are Asking Themselves. Can Owning A Swimming Pool Make You Broke Before You Know It?

Swimming pool finances affect a lot of people in more ways then one. A lot of home owners wonder what it would cost to own a pool or build a pool. To tell you the truth it’s not cheap. Swimming pool finances can either make you or break you depending on your living cost and your current status of employment.

You’ve found the perfect house to buy in the perfect location at the perfect price, with one unexpected twist: it has a swimming pool. The question you should ask yourself, how easy is it to maintain the pool? How often do we have to clean the pool? Do I even have time to clean, and so forth. It’s not easy, we at Dog Days Pool Service know exactly what residents of Safety Harbor and Clearwater experience every day! The question is still up in the air, can purchasing a home with a pool drown you financially?

Is a Pool Worth It?

The benefits of having a swimming pool are clear: quick swim just steps away, relaxing afternoons afloat with a book in hand, weekend pool parties, and when not in use, a swimming pool can even enhance your view. Being a pool owner can be a tidal wave of responsibility so call Dog Days Pool Service today. The pool is definitely worth it and financially the homeowner can add to their monthly expense in turn providing a luxury swimming pool on their own household.

Financing Pool Maintenance

Common costs to think through include daily heating and filtering, weekly cleaning, yearly inspections, occasional major repairs, and resurfacing every 10 years for in-ground pools. There are 3 things to think about:

1. Heating & Filtering

2. Cleaning

3. Major Repairs

4. Safety & Insurance

Keeping kids, pets, and visitors safe from pool-related injury or drowning is a safety issue and should be taken care of. Make sure the residential pool meets the minimum code requirements for your city, which may include a fence, alarm, or additional safety measures.

The decision has been made, what’s next?

When you tour a home for sale that has a pool, look for obvious warning signs: needs resurfacing, has cracks, or is visibly in disrepair. Ask if the homeowner has kept detailed maintenance records.

The home you are looking with the pool should be inspected along with everything else. Keep in mind that a general property inspection may not catch all possible issues, especially challenging things to test for, like leaks. If you still have questions about the pool’s condition and maintenance records aren’t available, look into having Dog Days Pool Service inspect it.

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