Time For Water Awareness Month!

Water Awareness Month – Dog Days Pool Service Edition

Don’t get fooled on the 1st day of April with trending stories that people pull pranks on the 1st day of April. What you should be doing on the first day of April is thinking about conserving water. Being a pool owner you think how would this be possible? Well as a pool owner you too can do your part and here’s how:

Maintenance to pool filters.

For water awareness month, a clean pool filter can reduce containments in your swimming pool and maintain pristine pool water. However, when your pool filter is dirty you must backwash the filter in order to clean it. Avoid having to backwash your swimming pool filter with proper filter maintenance.

Check for leaks and cracks in the pool.

Leaky pipes and valves from the pool are also a big concern for water conservation. Even a small crack can account for a large amount of water being leaked out of the swimming pool.

Check your pool heater.

During the summer months reducing the temperature of your pool water in the summer will reduce to the pool water’s natural evaporation rate.

Use a pool cover.

Covering up your pool is a great tool to use and maintain water heat from the natural solar energy. The water in the swimming pool naturally diminishes due to evaporation. A properly fitting pool cover can dramatically reduce the rate of pool water evaporation. As result you save money on chemicals because of the reduced rate of natural evaporation and save money having to maintain the necessary pool water level.

Dog Days Pool Service suggests that by being aware will help you conserve water and save money through the whole year, other than April!

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