Swimming Pool Maintenance For These Summer Nights


More and more individuals are going for an evening dip whether in the beach or in a backyard swimming pool. Swimming during the day can have its many advantages; however, you do run the risk of getting sunburn in the hot summer months. That is why, there are now more swimmers dipping in the pool on more tolerable summer nights. And as any other fixture in a modern home, a swimming pool must be properly maintained whether it is for daytime or night time purposes.

One of the most unique challenges to maintaining a pool for night use is the proper operation of swimming pool lights. While there are waterproof lighting fixtures that are already fully integrated into the pool itself, a great majority of swimming pools will rely on external lights for illumination during summer night swimming. These lights are often part of landscape lighting and they are primarily designed to help increase the overall appeal of the swimming pool and its immediate surroundings. It also allows people to swim a lot safer. Maintaining swimming pool lights will require the services of a veteran pool maintenance company or even an electrician to make sure that it will not be dangerous to individuals in the pool.

In addition to swimming pool light maintenance, it is equally important to maintain the correct chemical balance of the water. This is often best accomplished by first cleaning the water, removing any visible dirt or debris that may be floating on the surface. These have to be removed first before any serious water treatments can be accomplished. This also includes scraping any mold growth that may already be accumulating on the surfaces of the swimming pool tiles.

Once the pool has been thoroughly cleaned, you can now proceed to making sure that the water has the right pH, hardness, and alkalinity. As water temperatures can affect these parameters and with the colder water during nighttime, you can expect these parameters to change as well. That is why if you are going to use your swimming pool solely for night swimming, it is always a lot better to seek the services of a seasoned swimming pool professional. They can provide you with the correct balance of pH, alkalinity, and hardness so that your swimming pool guests will definitely have a good time in the pool.

Night swimming is fun especially in the hot summer months. However, it is important to make sure that your pool is in tiptop shape.


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