Safe Hot Tub Practices

Hot tubs are a delight, and there are few things which are quite as relaxing and enjoyable as a soak in a hot tub. But there are safe ways to enjoy a hot tub, and then there are some things you shouldn’t do. Here, we give you some ways to keep yourself and your family safe in a hot tub:


Stay with the kids--and the adults!

Even though there is no deep end, there is still head-crackin’ edge, and the potential for overheating, which happens much more quickly with a child or senior than it does an adult. Also, no one should be alone in a hot tub. Just make it a rule.

Testing is essential

Test your hot tub. In fact, we recommend taking test strips with you if you use a hot tub anywhere else such as a motel. The pH, chlorine/bromine, and alkalinity of your home hot tub should be tested at least once a week and twice a week during the ‘busy’ season, just like pool maintenance.

The other number you should watch is the temperature. Anything between 100-102 degrees is ideal. 104 is the maximum. The temperature should reflect the composition of the family and guests.

Cleanliness is crucial

We don’t mean maintenance, although that’s important. We’re talking about not getting into the hot tub while you’re wearing lotions or oils, or if you have any skin infection or condition, including open wounds, rashes, or blisters which could contaminate the water.

Women who have freshly shaved legs or razor burn should also avoid the hot tub, as folliculitis, a skin inflammation, can result.

No sex or drugs

Sex and drugs in hot tubs are ill-advised. Alcohol and other substances can alter your perception and make you woozy, two things you don’t want when you’re slowly cooking in the hot tub. Blood pressure conditions/medications and pregnancy don’t mix with a hot tub visit, either. Even if a physician gives the okay, pay close attention to the amount of time you spend in the hot tub and the temperature.

As far as sex in a hot tub goes, refer back to #3.

Avoid cavorting

Laugh if you’d like, but this old-fashioned word, in which Google kindly offers the synonyms, ‘dance, jig, trip, caper, jump, leap, spring, bound, skip, hop, frisk, romp, frolic’ are all things which can lead to accidents. A hot tub is a place where a certain amount of decorum should be observed since there isn’t enough room to engage in most playful antics.

Be mindful

All of the regular pool rules, including not using electrical equipment, safe drain covers, and staying out of the water during electrical storms all hold true of the hot tub, as well. If you’re not feeling well, wait for a better day. No one should have glass around a hot tub. Inflatable pool toys, which are so ideal for pools, are inappropriate in the smaller confines of a hot tub. Smart thinking will keep you, your family, and guests safe and happy in your hot tub for years to come.

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