Tips On Preparing Your Swimming Pool For The Summer Months

The grill is ready; the beverages are iced/chilled, and ready to go until you realize your pool is not ready due to dealing with a busy schedule. Give Dog Days Pool Service a call and as our motto goes, “Let us Clean, While you Play!” We will take care of your pool service needs and maintenance just in time for your next party or gathering.

Here are some refreshing tips to provide you in preparing for your next pool party/gathering:

  • Observe any debris or any garden maintenance that can potentially cause harm to your guest.

  • Clean your pool cover and deck. Make sure you have space or an area where you can store your pool cover when your party is going on and have the ability to take it out with ease when the party is done.

  • Fix any cracks or slippery areas near your pool that can make anyone trip or fall.

  • Reconnect equipment or any plumbing that was unplugged. Also test your pool heater or what not to make sure it is functioning and working.

  • Check your filters and don’t think about emptying your pool.

  • Check your water and have a professional test out your chemicals in your pool and wait for your water to clear in the coming days.

Get Ready To Start That Pool Party!


When the swimming pool is ready for the summer months you will be the talk of the town and not only that you’ll be ready and prepared for your next pool party. When your pool party starts you can provide some swimming pool etiquette to your neighbors in regards to preparing for a pool party as extravagant as yours. To prepare your pool for the summer month is it important that everything is functioning and maintained. Once your pool is prepared, make a note that you will have to maintain your pool for the reason of the season in keeping the filter clean, testing the chemicals every day or every other day (upon your preference). 

Dog Days Pool Service is open 7 Days a Week 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, call us for a free estimate 727-791-6012 or send us an email at Don’t hesitate to give us a call and feel free to contact us in regards to any other questions; we would love to hear from you!

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