Pool Safety Equipment

Whether the season is gearing up or winding down, pool safety gear should be checked frequently to be sure it’s in good condition. Safety is a state of mind, awareness, and constant vigilance of children and pets. But, as a pool pro, I can also tell you that having the right safety equipment also goes a long way in preventing and averting tragedies. So, today we’re going to look at some pool equipment which will keep your pool and swimmers safe.


Pool fence and gate

Your pool fence and gate are crucial components of pool safety. Take a few minutes to walk around your wall or fence and check for signs of damage or ways it might be breached. Then check the pool gate. Does it still close and lock well? 

If either of these doesn’t inspire confidence, have them fixed ASAP! 

Pool alarm/gate alarm

Pool alarms are terrific! While they don’t provide enough pool safety on their own, they’re a top-notch layer of pool safety in and around the pool if a homeowner uses them in conjunction with other safety features. 

There are also many excellent alarms for gates, doors, or other entries. Even Ring has a motion-activated camera which will alert on your phone if motion is detected in a particular area. Again--it’s not enough on its own, but it’s excellent when used in conjunction with other deterrents.

Steps and ladders

Always make sure your steps and ladders are in place and functional when the pool cover is off. If any of these are missing, damaged, or otherwise compromised, have them repaired or replaced right away. Being able to get out of a pool fast can mean crucial seconds in an emergency. 

Rescue equipment

Always have some form of flotation near the pool. This can be a life hook, a lifeguard rescue device, or even a heaving jug made by children during a discussion about drowning rescue can be used in a pinch if necessary. Rescue equipment is the pool equivalent of a fire extinguisher. It’s an item you’re always happy to own and even happier if you never have to use it. 

Pool safety is a critical, potentially life-saving measure that is an essential part of pool ownership. If you have any questions or concerns about the security of your pool, let’s talk!

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