Pool Party Music Song List

2015 summer is never a cliché of a topic to cover. Dog Days Pools Services is preparing you for your summer party and that summer fun. While you get to set and prepare for your pool party what jams are you listening too now a days? Summer fun in the pool, there can be tons of music playing from your current jams to your old school past time and to your days were just the radio just existed.


Laying out in the pool with music is a must and it will make and break a party (or gathering). As the music plays, the barbecue sizzles’ and the cold brew chills, keep Dog Days Pool Service to do the job in keeping your pool tidy and ready for the next party.

To Make A Note Here Is The List For The 10 Top Music To Play (In No Particular Order):

1. The Beach Boys – Wipe Out (60’s Version)
No other way than to introduce a classic. Can’t go wrong with the Beach Boys!

2. Major Lazer feat MO & DJ Snake – Lean On
To mix in for the younger generation.

3. DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Summertime
Anyone a fan of Will Smith knows about Summertime? Summa summa time!

4. The Beatles – EVERYTHING
Can’t go wrong with The Beatle’s either, they are fitting for any group, no matter where you go.

5. Zac Brown Band – Loving You Easy
The summer lovin’ is real and easy. Let’s keep these jams going!

6. Luke Bryan – Kick The Dust Up
Summer must!

7. The Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face
As the drinks, the laughter, the FUN, and the food settles in. At this point I would not feel my face either.

8. The Cure – Friday I’m in Love
………….and every Cure song ever made.

9. The Smiths – The best of The Smiths.

10. This last spot is for everyone and anyone that I have left of this list.

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