Finding a Pool Leak

One of the things which can happen that requires immediate attention is a pool leak. Pool leaks can originate in the lines or the shell, but whichever is the cause, they need to be found without delay. Sometimes, a pool leak is visible, but other times, the homeowner or pool pro may need to look for signs. Here are some of them:

Water bill


One of the ways a pool owner actually may discover a pool leak is by getting a sky-high water bill. By then, the damage could be substantial, but because the leak doesn’t manifest any apparent signs in their yard, they don’t realize what has happened. To be sure the pool is the source of the leak, some sleuthing may be required.

Mushy grass/spots in the landscape

Many homeowners think a soft spot or erosion in their yard is from a sprinkler or plumbing problem, not realizing that their pool might be the real culprit. The automatic filler should be turned off for a couple of days to see if there may be a leak.


Like it’s little cousin, the soft spot, sinkholes don’t announce where the water came. But sinkholes can be scary and dangerous. Unfortunately, sinkholes happen, even here in Arizona, and a leak from your pool might cause or exacerbate one.

Continuously running filler

This one is the dead giveaway that your pool leaks, but one that isn’t necessarily noticeable right away. If you’re suspicious, turn it off. An average Phoenix pool will lose about ¾ to 1 inch per day in hot weather--somewhat more than the national norm, but this isn’t Idaho.

Evaporation is relatively consistent throughout the years, which is why the water bill is often the tip-off there is a leak.

A neighbor with sinkholes or mushy grass

Yes, you read that right: water from a leak has no respect for property lines, so water from a leak can travel beyond your property and do damage to your neighbor’s property. If your neighbor is complaining about a sinkhole, it could very well be as the result of a leak from your pool.

Other ways to find a leak

If your equipment pad wet? The pipe fittings, heater, filter, or pump are other trouble spots to check. If the pool has a vinyl liner, check every nook and cranny: all corners, fittings, lights, return, cleaner line, steps, and skimmers should be inspected.

A dye test at the return line can determine if there is a leak in the equipment. If you suspect a leak, let your pool maintenance pro know about it as soon as possible. Sometimes leaks can go from being small to significant in a short period.

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